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Friday 28 February - Sydney - Bertie Page presents: Pussy Love!

Sunday 16 March - Adelaide Fringe Festival - Serpentine cabaret

Wednesday 19 March - Brisbane - supporting Martha Davis and the Motels

Bertie Page presents: Pussy Love!

Miss Bertie Page sure does love her pussies. As leader of Brisbane’s glam punk rock monsters Bertie Page Clinic she’s taken her feline-fancying message to the world; France, Spain, Germany, even Afghanistan, and now she’s bringing the love home. They’ll be hitting the New Globe Theatre for a night of rock, frock, feathers and leathers, before taking the show to Sydney for the Mardi Gras. Their “Pussy Love” show sold out Sydney’s Vanguard in 2012 and this year is set to be even bigger. Joining the Clinic in Brisbane are blues groovers Switchblade Suzie, rock babes Lulu and the Cutthroats as well as a litter of Brisbane’s best burlesque kitties, with more slink, strut and sexiness than you can throw an old boot at! For the Sydney show they're joined by Sydney’s riff-slinging babes Smokin Mirrors. Come and celebrate everything feline and furry. Prizes for best dressed!

Brought to you by Beast Records, Gallery Serpentine and Kat Frankie’s.

When: Friday 28 February, 8pm
Where: Spectrum, Oxford St, Sydney
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Adelaide Fringe Festival - Serpentine cabaret

Having spent the last 3 years touring Europe and Australia and performing at festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe and Brisbane Festival, Bertie Page Clinic are bringing their “Serpentine” show to the Adelaide Fringe. The show is a cabaret rock opera that charts the evolution of the world’s most notorious undergarment, the corset. From humble beginnings as a means of support and protection from the elements, the boned bodice became a volatile, moral battleground reaching a fevered climax in the Victorian era. Today it lives on as a much sought after item of fetish and mainstream fashion, often misunderstood, always an object of awe. Serpentine opens this sartorial Pandora’s box with dark humour, sumptuous costuming and mind blowing classic rock style.

The band’s powerful lead singer Bertie Page draws upon three years of research from academic texts and primary sources; she has walked the halls of Versailles, trawled vintage fashion stores in Paris, Berlin and Edinburgh in search of girdles and perused the extensive historical, fashion collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The result is an exquisite nightmare, a journey through the some of western culture’s most painful and bizarre customs. Yet there are two sides to every twisted tale, with great wit and vocal finesse Bertie shines a light on the corset in its role as a liberator, a bargaining chip and emancipator of the female sex.

Serpentine is an extraordinary cultural feast blending original rock songs with an unexpected nod to the works of Motown and Giuseppe Verdi. To top it all off the entire troupe are dressed in lavish, historically inspired designs by Sydney fashion house Gallery Serpentine.

Bertie Page Clinic perform Serpentine at the Gluttony precinct’s Bally room at 6.30 and 9.30pm on Sunday 16 March.


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Brisbane - supporting Martha Davis and the Motels

Bertie Page Clinic have had a wild ride of late. Following a massive 2013 that featured a European tour, festival appearances and the release of album “Too Loud Too Naked”, they kicked off 2014 with a new single tour and shows at the Sydney Mardi Gras and Adelaide Fringe Festival. And now they’ve scored the Brisbane support for 80s rock icons Martha Davis and the Motels (Total Control, Don’t Tell Me The Time). 

It’s a big coup for the band who cite Martha Davis as a big influence. According to guitarist and songwriter John Meyer, “Martha is one of the pivotal artists of my childhood, her alternative pop/rock style, strong lyrics and catchy melodies helped shape my writing. I was lucky enough to see the band at Expo 88 when I was getting around in my stone-washed denim!”

Lead singer Bertie Page says, “So few female artists have emerged on the music scene with such an influence as a writer and performer, and it’s an absolute privilege and honour to be sharing a stage with Martha Davis.”

Martha Davis and the Motels, with Bertie Page Clinic in support, play the New Globe Theatre on Wednesday 19 March. Tickets on sale at

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Check out the single "One Swan Pond" and download FREE at

“Bertie Page Clinic is spangles and glam, punk and transvestite, stiletto heels sharp as scalpels, station wagons, lyricism, grand eloquence and infernal vocal exercises, a hot, guttural sound which could burn a hole in your crotch!” Headsucker, Rennes, France

Bertie Page Clinic is the perverted child of burlesque and classic rock, led in a flurry of fur, feathers and fornication by Australian cabaret star Bertie Page. Their witty works combine the best elements of yacht rock, punk rock and poodle rock, pulled off with a Jim Steinman flair. Since 2009 the Clinic has been playing venues and festivals all over Australia and the world, from London to Berlin, Amsterdam to Paris. In 2011 they were kicked out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for being too loud and too naked, and with that a new album was born.

Released in Europe in June through French underground rock label Beast Records, the band’s second long player “Too Loud Too Naked” features ten tracks that weave a path from exotic strip clubs, to blue-collar worksites. On this tortuous journey we meet a burlesque bitch, a sultry stripper, a hungry kitty, and even 1950s leading man Robert Mitchum. The album hits Australian shores in October 2013.

“rock and roll debauchery, with a splash of burlesque and a tongue-in-cheek attitude” Push To Fire

"Oozing sexuality and theatrical athleticism..." The Music

"Definitely not shy of the spotlight, Bertie’s quirky intricacies transform the stage into a comedic wonderland." Scene
“a show filled with theatrics and witty entertainment” Sludge Factory
“Bertie Page is a true vaudeville artiste. She has more talent than inhibitions, and she never takes herself seriously which is why she is SERIOUSLY entertaining.” Barry Humphries (a fan)
"Oh my god, no one does classic style cabaret with the wit, style and talent that Miss Bertie has unleashed on the world...Expect to have your brain as well as your eyeballs tickled when Miss Bertie takes to the helm." Rave Magazine
“An experienced and consistently brilliant performer, Page brings a twisted sense of humour and appropriate sense of the theatrical to the night that elevates the event from a standard concert into something more explosive and open.” Timeoff
Rock & Roll In A G-String – album – 2010
French Tickler – EP – 2012
Too Loud Too Naked – album – 2013 
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