Sunday, 19 January 2014

Youtube can lead the viewer down many paths, the inspiring, the bizarre and (most importantly) to cat videos. This week I'm taking a trip down the tube's memory lane with music videos that I have appeared in (not for my own band). Technology is speeding along and in the last seven years I have seen more and more local artists create fantastic clips with increasing frequency with many friends popping up in these impressive productions. If you're a Brisvegas local you'll probably see a friend or two somewhere in here...

The Mercy Dolls
Version 1
This was first clip I got involved with after there was a general call out to burlesque performers. It was directed by the lovely Nila Mitchell who I knew from the underground visual arts scene. It was the first time I worked with Lena Marlene who is now my great friend and director of her own burlesque school, Lady Marlene's School of arts. There are a lot of familiar faces here, a lot of girls from the Burlesque Bar which was a small bar dedicated to burlesque in Fortitude Valley, the location that this was filmed on. I came on to the scene too late to be a part of the bar, it closed down soon after...

John Meyer
Toybox Love Triangle
Back when we were still really getting to know each other John asked me to play his psycho dolly girlfriend in a fantasy song about vengeful toys. In the end the finger puppet doesn't have to choose between his two lovers, Kahlo my darling burmese puts an end to it all and he did not need much encouragement to get him to rip into John's stunt double.

If you know me you know that I don't drink alcohol because.... People never believe me, but it's true, I don't like the taste of it. Aside from that I am way too much of a tightarse to pay $10 for a drink, never going to happen. So this song is not exactly in line with my personal taste but I am confident in the fact that if you listen to the lyrics you will hear that the song tells you how alcohol can make you very regretful the next day, "God damn ass is burning, never drink this shit again, never drink this shit again!"

The Good Ship
I can Make Her Laugh
Not long after meeting John Meyer I was swept into his arms and we began our larger-than-life life together. I introduced him to some of my fascinating friends, the really interesting ones who loved nothing more than rope games and spanking. This group collaboration resulted, filmed in a real life, working BDSM dungeon, authentic down to the stinging pain they felt!

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate
Devil On My Shoulder
I have made a lot of onstage appearances with Transvaal Diamond Syndicate as well as sharing the bill with them at a few gigs with Bertie Page Clinic. This was a devilish clip, taking all bloody night to shoot! You can even see John Meyer cutting a rug in the back of the club scene along with a few other friends' mums.

Ball Aitken
I'm Going To Jail
After being tied up making clips for my own original music it was very refreshing to be invited to appear in another artist's clip in 2013. Just meeting 8 Ball was quite an experience, he is an intense, intellectual and earthy character with an endless wealth of knowledge about music and how to reach out to the people. I love this clip and really hope that it will get some recognition at the Golden Guitars next year.

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