Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Life is a famine or a feast, I guess if we were feasting all the time we'd never fit into our jeans. This coming weekend is a feast for me although I'm probably going to need some kind of truckers' pills to keep me awake through it.

On Friday night (August 10) I head down to Lismore to be a part of one of Jimmy Willing's legendary pub cabarets, this one is aptly titled "Hillbilly Heaven." Lismore is an incredible little town that sits on the borders of traditional cow country, hippie ville and it is the nesting place of many lesbian couples and their families, this is why it is also known as "Lesmore." The vibe in that place is incredible, the quintessential country types party with the dreadlocked kids who have ventured away from their warehouse communes for the evening, there's plenty of crochet and female affection going around, fortunately plenty of that comes my way....

The good people at Apex productions have decided that this weekend will be the two days on which they film their next big project, it's all about tough guys and their Harley Davidsons. I'm going to have to get up very early in Lismore to get back to Brisbane to perform my role in the film, I'll take my pants down for anyone with a B12 shot handy..

Saturday night is all about the kink, I'll be appearing at the premiere of Brisbane's biggest new fetish event "Arouz." This is going to be huge, there is so much space to play at St Paul's Tavern, there will even be a dungeon, I've heard that some veeery kinky stuff is going to be happening there... Everyone is welcome the door is wide open from the innocent but curious to the most hardcore kink bunnies. I'll be performing a duo with Lena Marlene, we got pretty rough last week at the Wickham, we're going to test the friendship even further this week. 
On sunday night I'm hosting Miss Pole Dance QLD, if you haven't got tickets you'll have to wait until next year, tickets sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale! Once again the competition is presented by Pussy Cat Pole, if you've never tried one... jump on, you'll never get off it! I'll have the best seat in the house where I can watch these crazy ladies invert, mount and do all kinds of bendy stuff, may the best pole pony win!

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