Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Clinic has just returned from a relentless 5 weeks of touring in Europe and it’s straight back into preparation for our next Australian tour. In the month of October we will be bringing The Cannon Ball to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tamborine (for those of you who don’t know it Tamborine is a lovely rural town just south of Brisbane, a hang out for all kinds of groovy people especially if you’re into pottery or making jam).

This show’s got the lot, a rock and roll pirate masquerade with live bands circus and burlesque, what more could you ask for? ( if you want more you can get fucked) 
But the most important part of The Cannon Ball is that it is raising money for Sea Shepherd, if you don’t know who they are turn on the news, they’re the people with the funny shaped boats who are always stalking Japanese whalers, throwing non harmful projectiles and are occasionally rammed themselves, awesome! These are conservationists with guts, they risk their own lives to save endangered animals, they come face to face with fuck off big ships, ships with enormous harpoons and say “Me and my whale friends are gonna kick your arse!” The fight over whaling in the Pacific has been obscenely long and ineffective, sea shepherd have proven time again that piracy is the only way!
In the late 70s they did a lot to protect baby seals in Canada, which were being killed for their fur in their hundreds of thousands. The Sea Shepherd crew went out on the ice and sprayed a permanent dye on the baby animals to render their coats worthless. I wish I were there, imagine the sight of 1000 pink and blue baby seals, excellent :)
If you want to know more about these modern day pirates come along to The Cannon Ball, have a good time knowing that you are helping protect so many cute, chubby sea mammals. 

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